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Discover your next read.


Are you looking for the next great book to read? Here are a few of my books for young readers. Click the "Read More" button below each book for more information and to purchase copies.

Night Flying cover-1.jpg


Image Copyright 2000 Chris Sheban

Georgia Hansen can fly. All the women in her family can. They fly at night, when the world sleeps, for no one must discover their secret. Georgia will soon turn 16 and make her first solo flight, taking up her birthright with a special ceremony to mark the occasion. But her anticipation is disrupted with the arrival of her rebellious Aunt Carmen. Banished from the family years before for breaking the strict code of flying enforced by Georgia's grandmother, this unknown aunt reveals the true price of her family's gift, for the Hansen rules of flying are strict and unforgiving.

Black Angels cover.jpg


Image Copyright 2001 Glenn Harrington

Eleven-year-old Celli's summer begins the usual way -- her mother leaves for a month's vacation in Atlanta and Sophie the baby-sitter moves into their house from the other side of town. But this is not a usual summer. Celli has discovered angels that no one else can see -- black angels appearing on the white side of town. And Sophie, part of the family despite the dark color of her skin, has become an outspoken advocate for equal rights. 

Harmony cover-1.jpg


Image Copyright 2002 Elizabeth Lada

Harmony McLean has been different from the moment she was discovered. When a falling star struck his chicken coop, Felix McGillicuddy never expected to find a baby girl miraculously left behind. He names her after the harmony of the spheres in honor of her celestial arrival, and his wife, Nettie Mae McLean, gives Harmony her strong Irish surname to keep her grounded. Soon after her 15th birthday, something special begins coursing through Harmony-the power to move objects and affect the universe with her energy. But this mountain-bred girl is looking for a way to fit into the big world, not stand out any more than she already does. 

Looking for Lucy Buick cover-1.jpg


Image Copyright 2005 Jim Tsinganos

 Lucy Buick was found as an infant in the back seat of a 1969 Buick Skylark Convertible won by her Uncle Rocco in a poker game. From this less than auspicious beginning, Lucy is swept into a household of five aging Italian aunts and three domineering uncles, where she is pampered and protected to the point of suffocation. Always wishing for a different sort of life, she is encouraged by her favorite Aunt Rhodi not to give up. Rhodi, a dreamer and visionary, assures Lucy that "a sign will present itself. A path will be cleared." And she's right.  

Bird cover.jpg


Image Copyright 2008 Fernando Juarez

 Miranda has no recollection of where she came from-only that years ago, a gust of wind deposited her outside Bourne Manor. The Manor's sole inhabitant, Wysteria Barrows, took Miranda in and promptly outfitted her with special boots-boots weighted with steel bars to keep Miranda anchored to the ground. But aside from shelter and clothing, Miranda receives little warmth from the aging widow. The Manor, too, is a cold place, full of drafts and locked doors. Full of menace. Full of secrets. Then one day a boy named Farley appears, and with his help, Miranda embraces her destiny with the wind...and uncovers the Manor's hidden past.

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